Billing & Charges

Why is there a charge on my card? is a custom art printing company. Our customers upload images of their beloved pets & we make awesome art with it. 

Doesn't ring a bell

If you ordered with Paypal the statement descriptors are

COOLPET** (Short)


If you ordered with shopify checkout the statement descriptor is

You may also want to try asking anyone who has access to your payment information. It could be that someone close to you purchased one of our products. Possibly even as a gift for you. If you know their email you can try looking up the order below using the "lookup with email only" feature.

Is this a recurring service?

No, at the moment CoolPetPritns does not offer any recurring services or products. The charge on your statement was a one time charge only. 

Can I get a refund?

Yes, If you are not absolutely happy with your product or service please email We will gladly process your refund. Kindly contact us first before issuing a chargeback. Thank you. 

Any further questions?

For any other questions please contact support at We respond within 24 hours and in most cases much sooner than that.